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All-Season Tires

Canada’s All-Season Tires in the land of four seasons!

all season tires

What are All-season Tires?

All-season tires are design to provide versatility for all year driving, including for traction in light snow, rain and warm weather, while providing a balance of good appearance, performance and price throughout the year.

When all-season tires were first introduced, many drivers were elated over the thought of not having to change tires between winter and summer. That’s what the name “all-season” signifies too. You will notice that most drivers who have installed all-season tires on their vehicles will continue using them throughout the year, especially if they are not looking to drive too much in the winter. However, in extreme cold or hot conditions, they may not be your best choice. Most new vehicles come with all-season tires already installed, as they fit the purpose to drive optimally in most weather conditions, while also helping to save on fuel and general wear and tear.

Is it mandatory to swap out my All-Season Tires in Winter?

While the Quebec government has made it mandatory to replace all-season tires with winter tires during the winter season, it is not so in Ontario. Ontarians can decide for themselves if they require better control over their vehicles with winter tires; or, if they can manage with the regular tires they have on. As technology continues to evolve, tires are coming with a tread depth and pattern that allows greater control and safety on the road. At NMT Oakville, we recommend that you change your all-season tires to winter tires during our Canadian cold winters, as this will help with better road handling in the winter months, and longevity of both sets of all-four tires.

With many more cars on the road during frigid temperature then ever before, an increase in collisions during winter months has been observed. Imagine those days when it’s snowing hard and non-stop making the roads all wet and slushy, or when there are icy road conditions, you can’t really rely on all-season tires to bring you safely to your destination. Winter tires is what is required. However, your all-season tires can help you through the rest of the year. The all-season tires will provide you with good performance, appearance, and a combination of winter and summer tire feature benefits.

Which All-Season Tires are Best?

When you are looking to buy a new set of all-season tires, it will be useful to do some research and find out the range of tires available in the market. For example, if you can switch over to ultra high performance all-season tires, they work very well for car owners looking for driving adventures when the road conditions are right. These all-season tires are also relatively quieter. Remember to get your tires checked at our garage for performance before replacing them back in the vehicle.