How to Jumpstart a Battery?

Jumpstarting a car battery is needed when the battery loses its charge. That’s why you need to learn how you can jumpstart your car. It may not feel that simple to do, get some jumper cables.

When there are battery problems and you want to focus on jumpstarting, then you need a pair of jumper cables. In case you need to acquire new ones, they should be at least 10-20 feet in length and 4-6 in gauge size if possible. Heavy duty clamps are great and you need to go with beefy cables if you really want to have the best support and value here. It’s important to make sure that you go with the right cables so you can have the best connection with your battery.


Creating the connection

The idea here is that you must keep the clamps away from one another. You should also have a person at each one of the ends too. In case these clamps are too hot, then that will lead to a short circuit that eventually leads into other problems and that’s the type of situation you really want to avoid.

What you need to do is another vehicle with a good battery right near your vehicle. You now have to open the hoods and then remove the plastic hood that covers the battery or the battery posts. At this time you must remove the hood to access the posts. Figure out which is the positive and negative.

Remove all the dirt or gunk away from the posts, since you want to have a solid and clean connection. At this time you will need to connect an end of the red clamp to the positive post of that dead battery. Then the matching end of the red clamp connected to the positive post of that battery.

You will now have to connect the negative clamp to the negative terminal. The other negative clamp should be put on an unpainted engine bolt. It’s crucial to do this because you will have a much better jump start, and that really matters in a situation like this one.


Start the engines

Now you will need to start the engines. Normally when you do that, things should be getting better. It’s important to try and do this quickly, as it will give you a much better result and experience than ever before. Ideally you want to use a multimeter to test the battery voltage. In case the vehicle fires up and the jumpstarting process worked, leave it running and disconnect the cables.

You can find portable power packs nowadays, so there’s no need for an additional vehicle either. If this still doesn’t work, you may want to work with a car repair Oakville shop, they can assist with the entire process!

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