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Summer Tires

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Don’t sweat it, our tires keep you looking and driving cool!

Don’t get confused over the vast range of tires available in the market, especially when people refer to tires by similar names. Remember that each tire is designed and built for a specific purpose. To understand what summer tires are, think of long drives on stretched roads and high performance. That’s because summer tires are designed for those long summer road trips in Ontario and beyond, to get out and explore. Of course, summer tires are essentially designed and built to be the popular performance tires to last for more mileage. These tires are meant to provide a safe grip during high temperatures or rainy days in the summer months. 
It’s a known fact that most people plan their travels, road trips and long drives during the summer months. People tend to be on the road longer as they plan their outings and errands during the warmer weather. This is the time to have fun and that is why we recommend you have the best summer tires on your vehicle that provide high performance. 
While All-season tires can also be used during the summer months, they won’t provide the same performance outcome as summer tires, or any added benefit during the warmer summer months. All-season tires are meant to be good enough for all weather conditions.

What’s so special about Summer Tires?

Summer tires are designed to withstand high temperatures and the heat on the road. The tread pattern on a tire is important when you are selecting tires for specific seasons. Whichever driving season category your tires are in, it’s the tread pattern and the rubber compound that they are made of, that decide if they are good for that weather condition or not. When it comes to summer tires, they are made of a tread compound that has sticky additives to it. This allows the tires to maintain a sturdier grip on dry or wet asphalt, because the asymmetrical tread pattern allows for a straighter and shallower groove on the tire, which helps maintain the contact path with the road surface. In the end, it’s all about the amount and level of friction the tire has with the road. Friction between the tire and the surface helps to accelerate or stop a vehicle at different levels. The tread compound and pattern on the tire will impact the friction, and so based on this design, summer tires will last longer for performance. All in all, compared to all season tires, summer tires provide:

  • Better agility with speed
  • Better cornering and breaking
  • Better road holding performance
  • Better wet driving performance
  • Reduced grooving

So, get your high-performance summer tires installed as soon as the weather warms up and you are ready to take on that road trip.