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Oakville, a town in Canada, is located between Toronto and Hamilton. This small town has sunny and humid weather conditions nowadays. While you travel to Oakville, there are many beautiful places to see. During hot weather conditions, travelling usually becomes difficult in one vehicle. The continuous breath of people sitting inside can create a smell in the car. Moreover, you cannot always open the windows for fresh air, especially during rain or humid climate. To overcome this problem, the best thing you can do is the use of “air conditioning system in cars”.

What is Car Air Conditioning?

Car air conditioning is a system which is used to cool down the temperature in cars and other vehicles. They are now available in all modern cars. However, one problem associated with car conditioning system is excessive utilization of fuel. They use al lot of engine power and reduce the per kilometre mileage of the car. While travelling on long tours and high altitude areas, the use of air conditioning is usually avoided to improve the car mileage.

A Car air conditioning system is made up of different parts such as the evaporator, condenser, compressor, receiver drier and valves. Each of the components used in the manufacture of a conditioning system serves a different purpose.

Advantages of Car Air Conditioning System

Air conditioning system serves several purposes for the passengers. The best function of the conditioning system is to provide cool and efficient air in hot weather through which passengers can travel easily. Secondly, it is very important for the provision of dehumidified air in the humid weather. The dehumidified air makes breathing easy for travellers. The third very important function of the air conditioning system is that it filters the dirt and pollutants along with the airborne particles to keep the air clean. It will prevent passengers from allergies and toxins. Lastly, this system helps in removing smell and bad odour from cars.

Maintenance of Car Air Conditioning System

Maintenance of car air conditioning system is very important. This is because negligence can result in accumulation of dust particles, bacterial and fungal toxins in the evaporator core of the car. The growing microbes can result in bad odour in car and can humidify the air. To prevent fungal and bacterial growth, the regular cleaning of the dust is important. Moreover, the annual service of the conditioning system is also necessary to maintain the good functioning of car conditioning system.

Air Conditioning System and Fuel Consumption

The question that “is your conditioning system uses excessive fuel?” is 100% correct. Why? It is because the use of the air conditioning system is very much responsible for your excessive fuel consumption and low car mileage. We use an air conditioning system to avoid the polluted air and noise from the outside but we usually don’t bother that air conditioning system can increase our expense and upset our budget if used excessively.

How to keep Air Conditioning System Safe?

The annual service of the conditioning system and its minimum use can keep it safe. Do not turn your AC in the severe hot weather. Open the windows of the car and let the hot air go out. Then turn on the AC and let it cool down the environment. Contact NMT Auto Service for your AC Maintenance.