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NMT Oakville has a team of qualified experts and the necessary professional grade equipment to maintain, service and repair new and all late model vehicles. We take our work seriously to ensure we provide only the best in auto repairs and vehicle maintenance, with professional grade parts. We only employ mechanics who are Licenced and Certified Technicians, and who continually stay on top of changes with their educational training to withhold several hours of automotive training each year!

At NMT, you will find our prices to be affordable and fair, our service to be excellent, and our integrity and ethics to be committed and trustworthy.

We are much more than just a tire store in Oakville, and our auto services range from complete mechanical work, including oil changes, tune-ups, tire rotations and changes, coolant flushes, custom exhaust repairs like fabrication and pipe-bending, supply of car parts, right through to safety inspections for all makes and models of vehicles.


NMT Oakville offers a full lineup of parts for most makes and models. If you’re looking for a specific part(s) please fill out the form remembering to add your email and phone number so we can get in touch with you. Please make sure to add as much detail as possible about the part you’re looking for and include year, make and model of the vehicle to assist us in our search.


Regular vehicle service check-ups are highly recommended to keep your vehicle running in good condition and to save you money in the long term. With regular check-ups and servicing, you are more likely to prevent any major repair expenses from creeping up on you in the future. Anyone with experience on working on cars, or who has ever had to spend a lot of money on getting their car repaired, will no doubt tell you not to ignore preventative maintenance. It is important and cost effective to have the experts catch anything serious, before it becomes a major driving issue, or a safety hazard for you, your passengers, or others on the road. Some useful tips to ensure that you maintain your car and keep your future maintenance and repair costs down are: • Read Your owner’s manual to get to know your vehicle • Keep up with schedule and manufacture recommended vehicle inspections • Follow your manufacturer’s maintenance schedule guidelines • Change your oil, replace it regularly and make sure you use the right oil • Check your tire pressure and tread monthly • Self inspect your lights periodically • Check your fluids even if you don’t know how to replace them, and don’t ignore a leak • Get your serpentine and timing belts inspected and replaced when necessary • Check your battery and clean the contacts if required • Replace your windshield wipers when your visibility gets impaired due to streaky glass • Replace your cabin air filter and engine air for a more pleasant ride • Get your tires rotated, balanced and check your alignment • Change your spark plugs when needed These are just a few things that your vehicle needs, and we at NMT Oakville can help you with any of the above.